EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation)

Under an EPCI contract the contractor shall deliver and install a complete plant to the client in need of a turnkey solution for production at site. Hence the EPCI contract is also referred to as a “Turnkey Contract”. Under a EPCI contract the contractor shall deliver the plant to a guaranteed price at a fixed date and the plant shall fulfil certain defined performance criterias. Typically a shortcoming in relation to the foregoing will lead to the contractor being liable to pay liquidated damages. The EPCI contractor coordinates all design, procurement and construction works and ensures that the entire project is delivered in accordance with what has been agreed and on time. The contractor will from time to time also commit to perform certain site works and may undertake installation works.

EMW has since 2003 worked with EPC and EPCI contracts such as the templates provided by FIDIC and has deep knowledge of the various models available in the industry for these types of contracts. FIDIC is one of the leading global contract templates used for major construction projects. In Sweden we have noticed a steady increase in the use of FIDIC based contracts, perhaps due to the global footprint of the FIDIC templates and that users have become more aware of the fact that FIDIC at times is more fit for purpose than its Nordic equivalent templates.

For questions regarding FIDIC and EPC(I) contracts please feel free to contact Mattias Westerlund on +46709100758 (mw@emwlegal.com) +46709100758