Commercial Agreements

We can provide support in drafting, review and negotiation of various forms of agreements and can help you with for example delivery agreements, production and sourcing agreements, contracts for service and maintenance and other service level agreements, joint venture agreements, share holder agreements and other forms of collaboration agreements, restructuring, confidentiality agreements and letters of intent. We can also support you with advice on an ad hoc basis as well as on ongoing arrangements and we can take care of your contract management requirements and needs, analyses, strategy and project management in complex contract projects and we can together with your organization produce and develop and train in new contract templates.

Our competency covers contract law and commercial law and we have a solid experience of dealing with various types of standard agreements within various industries – such as Orgalime, Teknikföretagen (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries) and other model agreements. We can provide support and advice in more complex and bespoke contracting solutions. Our experience spreads over several industries – primarily the energy/power and engineering/contracting sector but also to other sectors – we work with Swedish and international clients.

With a strong personal commitment for the business and a commercial focus, we can with our experience help you achieve and establish commercial contracts better suited for your needs and the specific situation.